Is it real silver?  Yes, actually we use a  higher percentage of silver than sterling silver for fingerprint jewellery. All fingerprint items are 99.9% fine silver (0.999). It will be stated in the listing if the item is not 0.999 silver.

How do I make a complaint? Please Contact us and we will do our best to put things right.

How do I contact you? Send us a message via contact us on the site. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will answer all queries within 24 hours.

When will I receive my print/mould kit? We post out your print kit within 48 hours of order.

Is it hallmarked? Most of our pieces are below 7.78g and therefore the assay office do not deem it necessary to hallmark. We try our best to our costs to a minimum to pass this onto our customers.

How will I let you know what names to put on my piece? With the print kits we enclose an order form to state which names you require, if any, on your piece. Please refer to individual descriptions of items for approximate numbers of letters that can be stamped. For items requiring personalisation only (no prints), please state in the checkout wording required. Wording options can be viewed in Customer information & Delivery.

How do I know it's my loved ones print on my jewellery? We guarantee all prints are the ones sent in by the purchaser, we do this by personally identifying each print.If you have ordered two items, please make sure you place the correct order form together with the correct print in the same plastic envelope.

Does my item come gift packed? Your finished item is packed in a jewellery box.

I purchased some jewellery 6 months ago, do I need another print kit? Yes we prefer you to take another print, as we confidentially dispose of all prints within 8 weeks of dispatching the final item, unless it has been specifically agreed we can hold onto them.

Can only baby/child prints be used? No anyone can have their print impressed, including adults, children and babies.

How long will my order take? From receiving your usable print mould we will hand craft your item to your requirements within 14 days . Please allow 14 days for delivery in the UK and during busy periods such as Christmas please allow 28 days. You will receive an email when you item has been dispatched, and it will require a signature on delivery.

Can my item be sent to a different address? Yes, there is an option on registering to have a different delivery address.

Can I order more than piece of jewellery, and use the same mould? Yes, only one mould is needed to create as many pieces as required and purchased.

Where do you post to? Through out the United Kingdom for a flat rate of £2.95.

What if I am not happy with my moulding compound print? We supply enough moulding compound for two prints. If any more moulding compound is needed we may charge a small fee.

How much is delivery? Delivery costs can be viewed by clicking Customer Information & Delivery and are a flat rate of £2.95.